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VEDA – Day 11: Television [VIDEO]

This is the one where I talk about TV.

First of all, I had to leave a bunch of my favorite shows out, because of time constraints. And I also …

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VEDA – Day 10: Things I Am Not Good At [VIDEO]

Here is a short list of things I am not good at.

What are YOU bad at? What do you want to be better at? Why do I keep ending sentences with …

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VEDA – Day 7: Roam (if you want to) [VIDEO]

The VEDA prompt for today was “Do you like to travel?” I decided to illustrate this with some fun photos from trips Up North and to Costa …

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VEDA – Day 6: Suit Up! [VIDEO]

I firmly believe that any man over the age of 24 should own his own tuxedo. Here’s why:

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VEDA – Day 5: My Relationship With Technology [VIDEO]

The VEDA prompt for today is “What is your relationship to technology, and is it a healthy one?”

I pretty much ignored the second part …

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VEDA – Day 4: Insecurities [VIDEO]

Today’s VEDA is about insecurities.

What are YOU insecure about?

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VEDA – Day 3: Fashion Mistakes [VIDEO]

We’ve all made some unfortunate fashion choices in our lives. Sadly for me, most of them include vests and jean shorts.

Here’s a couple …

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In today’s VEDA video, I discuss my B-HAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal). It actually isn’t that big OR audacious, and it’s also …

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VEDA – Day 1: Introduction [VIDEO]

This is the first day of VEDA - Video Every Day in August. Today's video is a small introduction...kind of a "meet and greet". It also includes a couple small snips from a few short films I made years and years ago.

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VLOG – Improvising is harder than it looks

I’m doing this thing called VEDA (Video Every Day in August) and thought it was a good idea to practice vlogging.

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Making Jenn Fast – How I Sped Up A WordPress Blog

Speed matters, right? It’s a proven fact that the speed of page load has a direct impact on Google rankings and visitor conversion. Well, it’s about as proven as anything is on the Internet, which basically means that a lot of us think it sounds logical, so it must be true. Regardless, having a faster website can only be a good thing and help you feel way more awesome about yourself. In this blog post, I’ll summarize some of the tweaks I made to my friend Jenn’s blog – Jenn Said What?! – to make her a blogger speed demon.

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How I Set Up My Circles in Google Plus

I’ve been playing around with Google Plus for about a week now. One of the major features of the product is the concept of “Circles”, which is similar …