Card image cap goes Hyper-V

If you follow me on Twitter, or are my friend on Facebook, you may have seen me posting links to various online articles about something called "Hyper-V". Basically, earlier this year, my team here at migrated our virtualization platform from VMWare to Microsoft's Hyper-V offering. Here's a listing of some of these articles.

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The Eleven Chicagoans to Follow on Twitter

A completely subjective list of the eleven people from Chicago who you should follow on Twitter RIGHT NOW. Very little science or analytics were used to generate this list. Pizza bagels may have been involved.

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The Truth About Sysadmins

There's a meme going around, and I decided to take my shot at spoofing it for system administrators.

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Why I’m Considering Ditching Thesis For My Own Custom Theme

Long-time readers of this blog will be aware that I have been a vocal supporter and proponent of the Thesis framework for WordPress for quite some time. This site runs on Thesis, and I am always keen to recommend it to others. That being said, I’ve recently been considering dropping Thesis from this blog and replacing it with my own custom theme.

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Matt – One Year Ago

Every year for my birthday, I compose an email to be sent to myself a year in the future. This is the email I composed one year ago.

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Do you think I have an accent?

There's a vlog meme running around, where people upload videos of themselves saying certain words or phrases, and then you, the viewer, identify the accent. So here's mine.

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ifttt – Scripting the Internet

I’m pretty much in love with the service known as ifttt – “if this, then that”. It’s kind of like a scripting language …

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Speeding Up WordPress, Part 1: Basic W3 Total Cache Configuration and Content Delivery Network

A while ago, I wrote up a small post posting the results of the “blog speedup” I did for my friend Jenn. What I didn’t do was …

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New Facebook 101: Merging Lists

Welcome to the next installment in our “New Facebook 101” segment. Previously, I showed you how to set up your “Close Friends” …

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New Facebook 101: Lists

Facebook has released some major changes to how the Feed and Activity function. This post will explain how to make the new Facebook work FOR you, not AGAINST you.

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Welcome to the world, Sophia Margaret

Sophia Margaret Stratton was born at 8:15 PM on September 16, 2011.

We might be biased, but we think she’s pretty cute.

She also made her …

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Babywatch 2011

We are at the hospital waiting for the arrival of Baby Girl Stratton!

Follow me on Twitter (@mattstratton) for updates!