Worky updates

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 6, 2007

Things have been busy this week, hence my lack of updates.

Yesterday was my first day of the new job. It’s been a little overwhelming, but in a (mostly) good way. I’ve been blindsided by people wanting to dump information on me, and I have a fancy new laptop. Still figuring out how to order myself a keyboard, mouse, docking station, and a second monitor though.

My BlackBerry hasn’t come in yet, so I haven’t ordered my business cards yet (since I don’t know what my cell number will be). This morning I got the long list of my new responsibilities, which are pretty crazy. I have a lot of stuff I now have to “approve”, since I’m a manager. I also found out that there are a lot of boring budgetary meetings I will “get” to attend. But the good news is everyone here is really nice. It’s also a very small, young, exciting company. I learned in orientation yesterday that the average age at this company is 34. That’s just crazygonuts.

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