Wednesday Web Wanderings – People I Met This Weekend Edition

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 10, 2009

This past Saturday, I attended my first ever “tweetup” with some Chicago-area bloggers. In addition to being hilarious and personable in 3D, these folks have some entertaining and educational blogs. And here they are!

Free and Flawed – Covering topics including social media, dating within the blogosphere, and random hilarity, there’s nothing I don’t like about this blog. Plus, Jenn and I already share a special bond since we walked to the ATM together on Saturday night.

I’m a Mom in Real Life – It probably goes without saying that I am not the target demo for most “mommy blogs”. It also probably goes without saying that Rachel will punch my lights out for referring to her as a “mommy blogger”. That being said, you really should check her blog out. She’s absolutely hilarious on Twitter, and this same humor and panache is present in her blog. Plus, her husband is cool and I was already able to help him out by confirming his theory on “neck beards” to his wife.

dshan – Derek and I had a great conversation about business uses for social media on Saturday, plus we shared stories of strange experiences we’d had on the street in Wicker Park (mine involved a parking meter and Flash Taco…his was a little more racy). He also apparently posts a monthly mixtape that is chock-full of musical goodness. Who doesn’t like musical goodness?

WENCH – I’m not actually sure of the proper capitalization for this blog title, but I suppose it might be up for interpretation. In addition to being full of laughs in person, Rini’s blog is refreshing, eye-opening, and frank. And if you like things that are pink, you should read it.

Blah Blah Blah – Randomness abounds in the blogosphere, and Molly’s blog is no exception. Notice that I do not consider “randomness” to be a negative thing – it just means that I’m too dumb to be able to describe it properly . If you like pictures of trees, this just might be the blog for you. I suppose you don’t have to be obsessed with pictures of trees, but if you are afraid of trees, then maybe you should steer clear. Incidentally, she has the best URL ever.

Fluid Motion – This is Hallie’s blog, and I’ve only started reading it today, so I can’t say much about it. But I can say that all night on Saturday, I kept calling her the wrong name. She introduced herself to me with Molly, so at first I thought her name was “Holly” – in fact, I said “Ah, that will be easy to remember, because of Molly’s name”, which explains why she gave me such a weird look. She later corrected me. Of course, shortly thereafter, I called her “Haley”. I can’t imagine that I made a very good impression.

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