Posted on Tuesday, Aug 2, 2011

In today’s VEDA video, I discuss my B-HAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal). It actually isn’t that big OR audacious, and it’s also fairly geeky. Consider yourself warned.

I also discovered a couple of interesting things while doing this video today:

1) iMovie doesn’t let you “save” your password in the YouTube export settings. Which is pretty much incompatible with Google’s Two-Step Authentication. That sucks. I am going to have to think of a different mechanism. I think that the process now will have to be to export the movie to MP4 or MOV from iMovie, and then manually upload to YouTube. Which means I have to figure out the best export settings for YouTube.

2) Making and publishing these videos takes a lot longer than I would like. I think I started this around 6 AM, and it wasn’t up on YouTube until about 7 AM. So either I have to do them in the evenings, which I am not a fan of, or I have to make the process faster.

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