Weekend, weekend, roly poly weekend…

Posted on Monday, Nov 10, 2003

OK, I promised an update…

This weekend was the Windy City Lindy Exchange. Basically, that means swing dancers from all over the world descended upon Chicago for a weekend chock full of dancing, jazz, and dorks in track pants.

Nando arrived on Friday night. While waiting for Dallas’s plane to get in, Nando and I hung out at Tracy’s house (my neighbor, whom Dallas was also staying with), and played Uno and ate pizza.

Later on, Nando and I met Dallas at Waveland Bowl (open 24 hours, 365 days a year, motherfucker!) for some hot bowling action. I hadn’t bowled in over a year, but my first game I rolled a 161! Of course, over the next three games, my total score was 161. Crap.

We met up with Partytom and then hit the Golden Apple for breakfast, getting home a little after 2 AM. I then woke up at 6 AM to head out for a job interview in Schaumburg. It sucked. The high end of the payrange they are offering is about $5K *less* than I am making now. Fuck them.

Saturday afternoon was the Micetro improv jam. C____ came by and went with us; she helped set up. Because she’s a rockstar. Dallas and I hosted the jam, and frankly, it was probably the worst one we’ve ever put on. Nothing against the people who played; there was a VERY low turnout, and the energy level in the room was low. I blame the weather. Plus, all you fuckers who didn’t show up made me look bad in front of the new girl – I was hoping to have a packed house so she’d think I was all cool and shit, instead of 25 swing dancers all crowded around one table.

Dallas, Nando, and I met up with C_____ later on to go to the dance at Wrigley Field…that was cool as hell. Although I think C__ was weirded out by the fact that there was a 14 year old dorky kid at the dance; non-swing folks aren’t used to going to a bar and having 14 year olds there. Just one more reason that I go to fewer and fewer lindy events.

After the dance, C__ went home, and I was going to go home too, because I was tired. Got home, took out my contacts, and suddenly got a 2nd wind. Headed off to the late night dance at Studio X.

At the late night dance, I learned that when the U of Chicago kids do body shots in the Lounge at SX, it’s inappropriate and disgusting, but when my friends whip each other with belts and stick their noses into cleavage, it’s funny. Which is so very true.

Sunday we had brunch with Tracy and Brian, and played Uno and other board games all day. Nando and Dallas went off to the Willowbrook Ballroom, and I stayed home and watched TV.

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