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Posted on Monday, Feb 16, 2009

Get Rich Slowly

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Today’s feed recommendation is Get Rich Slowly, a personal finance blog authored by J.D. Roth. Focusing on real-world, applicable, and intelligent approaches to money management, Get Rich Slowly is, in my opinion, the best personal finance blog published today. And I’m not alone – Money magazine considers it the “most inspiring” money blog on the Internet.

I read a lot of personal finance blogs – and trust me, I’ll be reviewing more of them in upcoming RSS Recommendations. But ultimately, the one I read most regularly (and get the most useful tips from) is Get Rich Slowly. I’ve been reading GRS for several years now, and quite a bit of my personal money management strategy comes from articles and insights from this blog. If you’re looking for advice on how to make a killing in the stock market, or the best real estate deals to invest in, then Get Rich Slowly is not the blog for you. But if you want help with debt elimination, personal budgeting, and achieving personal financial success in harmony with the rest of your life, I encourage you to add this blog to your feed reader. 

Ultimately, what makes Get Rich Slowly a great blog to read is that Roth is not a financial planner, investment guru, or other money whiz. He’s a regular guy, just like you and me, who has taken what he has learned (and what he shares with his readers) and applied it in real-world situations to vastly improve his life – both financially and personally. One never gets the feeling that Roth is lecturing his readers, although he will take a hard line on areas that he considers important, and of all the blogs I read, I am more likely to forward posts from Get Rich Slowly to friends and family than any other site. 

Get Rich Slowly is updated regularly (usually on a daily basis), and regardless of your current financial situation, I would be very surprised if you cannot find applicable content in this blog to your own life. Whether you are struggling with debt reduction, trying to get a handle on spending management, desire to improve your retirement planning, or just want to know more about saving money by growing your own vegetables, you will discover new insights into your financial and personal security at Get Rich Slowly.

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