What’s been going on, been going on…

Posted on Monday, Aug 15, 2005

So Kim reminded me that I haven’t updated in a while. So here’s an update.

Friday I worked from home during the day (I can’t remember why, but I had a good reason). Friday night I watched a bunch of Arrested Development and IM-ed with Erika.

Saturday morning I had Peapod coming – the window was “9 am to 1 pm”, but luckily they showed up at 9:45. After putting my groceries away, I went over to Tracy and Brian’s house for breakfast and computer repair. I watched them make birdhouses, and then we all went out to run errands. We had a late lunch at Flat Top, and I went home to watch the Cubs lose to Chris Carpenter and the Redbirds.

After that, I went out to have yummy sushi with Erika, who is finally back from her Colorado adventures. We retired to my house to watch the Family Guy movie (shh! It’s a secret!), and were joined by Brian and Tracy. We watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm and that was that.

Today I went to the dunes with Carrie  and her friend Heather. The weather wasn’t the greatest…pretty overcast, but relatively pleasant. We climbed a big dune and had ice cream. And then drove home.

And now I’m watching the Cubs game. And IM-ing with Kim. So now you know.

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