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Posted on Sunday, Jun 8, 2003

So you remember the other day when I talked about the mixer video we made in high school?

Well, it got me thinking…so I sent my minions on a quest to unearth all the video projects we did in our younger days, with the intent of creating a compliation DVD. He found almost everything – the plan is to edit it into a fun DVD, and then make copies and give them as holiday gifts to our high school friends.

Hey, any excuse for more practice with Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro, right? Here’s what he found:

  • The Mixer Video (both the orginal 45 minute version, and the leaner, meaner 15 minute version)

  • Prom Video (none of this video has any actual footage from the dance; it was all the “prep work”, dinner, and the next day. Instead of taking the girls out to a restaurant, we turned a friend’s house into “Don Heffernini’s Italian Ristorante” and cooked for them. Yes, we were dorks.)

  • Clint and Dan Tribute (Two of our friends shared March birthdays…for their 18th birthday, we compiled a “best of” video of the two of them. This video marked our first effort at mixing dialogue tracks with music)

  • Some tape labeled “Skits” (We assume that this is footage of one night during our college career when we played a game wherein each team got a bag of props and costumes, and had to make up a skit using them. It features our friend Clint in drag getting violated by a girl dressed as a cowboy)

He also found a bunch of other stuff that we might just cut together into highlights…some of it has nudity, which is both interesting and disturbing.


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