Two things, both having to do with Carrie

Posted on Thursday, Sep 7, 2006

Carrie and Matt
Originally uploaded by Matt Stratton.

Thing the first:

I was riding home from work yesterday, and as I was coming over the bridge on Damen (about 3 miles from home), I was coming up to a red light. So I started to slow down, and heard someone behind me honk.

I got ready to turn around and give them my cyclist version of the bird (aka “wave and smile”), thinking “who’s this jackass who’s honking at me while I stop for a light?”

But it was Carrie, driving home from work. Ha! I kept pace with her for quite a while – but then she caught a light at Roscoe that I missed, and that was the end of that. Still, she only got home about five minutes before I did.

Secondly, I would like to point something out to all of you out there. Just because your boyfriend/fiancee/husband will watch Gilmore Girls with you does NOT mean he has ANY interest in watching The View.

That is all.

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