Rainy day commute

Posted on Monday, Sep 11, 2006

Wasn’t sure if I wanted to ride in this morning. Looked at the weather last night, and told Carrie “I think I’m going to skip riding tomorrow, since Monday is the only day that is supposed to rain this week”.

Woke up, saw that it wasn’t raining. Looked like it was going to be clear for the next hour or so, and decided to go for it (taking a cue from a post I’d seen on BikeForums.net about rarely regretting to ride, but often regretting to not).

No rain the whole way in – it was a little chilly, but about halfway in, I didn’t care anymore, because the @#%#$ windbreaker I bought at Target yesterday doesn’t breathe for CRAP. The parts of my body covered by the dryfit t-shirt underneath weren’t too bad, but my lower arms were DRIPPING by the time I rolled into work. My back was a little sweaty too.

Oh, and I discovered that yet another thing interferes with my crappy wireless bike computer…my front headlight. Luckily it was pretty light out by the time I got going, so I was okay. But it’s time to replace that computer!

Speaking of which…I know some of you all are cyclists, so maybe you might have some insight into this.

A few months ago, I bought a Sette Quantum X2 v.2.0 Wireless Computer from Pricepoint. It seemed pretty cool, until lately I noticed it was WILDLY inaccurate. Well, I figured out that the “inaccuracy” was coming from the fact that I would bring the computer inside after riding (in order to record the information), and it was picking up signals from my laptop or cell phone, and thinking that I was speeding along at 35 mph while I was sitting at my desk.

So I decided to not bring it in anymore. Well, I then found out that if I carry my cell phone in my pocket while riding, it fucks up the reading. So the cell phone went back into the bag.

This morning, it was a little dim when I headed out to work. So I fired up my front headlight for the first time. About a mile into the commute, I noticed that my computer was reading 0 mph. Then it would go to 7. Then back to 0.

I thought maybe it was something to do with the dampness (it rained this morning), but I’ve ridden in the rain before and it worked. On a lark, I turned off the headlight.

Guess what? The computer worked again. MotherTRUCKER!

Therefore, I’m in the market for a new bike computer. I think I want to avoid wireless this time, since I don’t ride off-road and don’t mind a cable. My ideal bike computer would have programmable odometer, HRM, and be able to be detached from the bike easily and brought inside (for recording purposes). That last part, I don’t know if there are any “wired” computers that do that, so I think I could skip it.

Any recommendations?

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