I am loving craps…

Posted on Sunday, Jun 8, 2003

I forgot to mention…

Saturday night, after the baseball game, we went out to the boats.

Now, with few exceptions, I’m not a big craps player. Blackjack is normally my game. But after winning about $40 at a table last night, I wandered over to the craps table my buddies were at. I was feeling good, so decided to play.

It was a five dollar table, but all I had in my wallet was a hundred. I bought $100 worth of chips, but took about half of them and put them in my pocket. Placed a pass line bet, and away we went.

First shooter made a couple points, and I pocketed the winnings. Then she lost, and the dice went to the next shooter.

An hour later, he lost the point, and I walked away with $395 worth of chips.

It was amazing. My buy in for the night was sixty bucks, so I cleared a $335 profit. Between the three of us, we walked out of there with over a thousand dollars of the casino’s money, all but $70 of it won on that one table, with that same shooter.

Wow. That was fun.

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