I am Le Bored today

Posted on Thursday, Nov 1, 2007

Technically, tomorrow is my last day at the Bank, but today is actually the last day I am here (my boss was supposed to be in today for me to turn in my laptops and badges and stuff, so I figured I wouldn’t come in tomorrow. As it happens, he’s not going to be here today anyway, but I’m still not coming in tomorrow).

Thinking it would take a few days for the requests to go through, my boss put in the “shut off access” requests yesterday. Well, they already got my email turned off, so I really have nothing to do. I am killing time until this afternoon, so that I can go to the bar and meet co-workers for my going-away happy hour. I am going to get my hair cut at noon, so that will take some time off my hands.

Bored bored bored.

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