Colin Hay, Dentist, and More Wedding Doodles

Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2007

Last night Carrie and I, along with scrapplequeen, Kevin, Lou, Julee, Stacey, Ray, Alexis, and Tommy, went to see Colin Hay perform at the Black Orchid.

I’d not seen Mr. Hay in concert before, although it seems like everyone else I know has seen him a bajillion times. I’m so glad we got to go. It was nice, small venue, and very intimate. Plus, since Tommy got there totally early, he managed to “reserve” a table for the ten of us (about 75 of the people at the show didn’t have somewhere to sit and had to stand – but that wasn’t us, thanks to Mr. P, Ray, and Alexis!)

The opening act was Ralph Covert, who is apparently the host of a local kids show called “Ralph’s World”. He was pretty good – Carrie and I both agreed that he had a very Beeyachski feel to him (especially the song about “Your Ex-Girlfriend”) – but you could feel the kids’ singer in him, with all the sing-alongs he did.

Colin Hay was amazing. The music was fantastic, although I’d say only about 50% of the show was music, the rest being hilarious stories and patter (“I like playing the songs”, he said at one point. “They break up the stories a little bit.”).

(Random sidenote – did I punctuate that last sentence properly?)

Today I went to the dentist to get some fillings done and, so I thought, get some bonding on one of my front teeth. As it happens, the only work done was the fillings (which were pretty hairy). I am going to go in a week from Monday to have him do the bonding on my front tooth (it’s a little recessed, so he’s going to make it match the one on the other side. This way I won’t look like there’s a gap in my smile in wedding photos). I also am hitting the Aquafresh Whitener Trays hard-core, per my dentist’s recommendation.

Wedding stuff is coming along. Still a few invitations outstanding, but we’re almost there. Trying to work out exactly what version for Carrie’s first dance. She and her dad are going to take a dance lesson with Big City, so my mom and I decided we can’t be shown up, so we’re going to take a lesson as well.

As we come into the last few weeks of this wedding thing, it’s definitely getting somewhat stressful. Mostly just because of all the “little things” that still have to be done. Also, since our wedding party is so friggin’ ginormous, there’s a lot of people to “wrangle” – so I do want to thank those folks who have stepped up and made my life easier in this regard. It’s definitely a weird place to be – supposedly this is a big, special event for you and your soon to be wife, but it seems that you spend most of your time trying to make other people’s lives easier and not offend them. At the end of the day, however, it always works out.

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