A letter to my unborn daughter

Posted on Friday, Sep 9, 2011

_Tomorrow (September 9th) is the due date of my unborn baby girl (who is currently nameless). Today my wife sent me a link to a list of 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters. Besides make me almost tear up at work, it got me to thinking. So here is a letter to my little baby girl, on the day before she is supposed to be born._

Dear Baby Girl Stratton,

Tomorrow is the day that you are theoretically supposed to be born. Although as your Papa said to us tonight, few newborns know how to count to 40, so we’re not sure if you’ll be coming tomorrow. Actually, I’ll be pretty surprised if you do. I just have a feeling it won’t be until next week.

Generally speaking, you should be aware that your old man probably knows more than you do. But one thing you know that I don’t know is what your name is. That is, I’m assuming by the time you read this, you will have a name. I’m pretty sure that there is no wifi in your mama’s uterus, so you’re most likely not scanning the blogosphere yet. Plus, you know, you can’t read yet.¬†We think your name might be Sophia, but we’re not sure.

I can’t imagine what it is going to be like when you are here. But don’t feel bad about that – I felt the same way before your big brothers were born, but it only took about 45 seconds after they arrived before I couldn’t imagine what life was like without them. So I figure the same thing will happen with you. Because girls are equal to boys and all that.

I can promise you that your big brothers will look out for you. I will make sure of it. It’s not something that is going to be optional. But, you know, you might have to look out for them too. Try not to be too smug when that happens.

I have to admit that I’m pretty scared of having a daughter. I’ve never been someone who pretends to understand girls at all. But I’m also sure that I will be able to understand my baby girl…as much as any father can understand his daughter. Which, from what I understand, is pretty much not at all. But I think that is okay. I don’t need to understand how you think. I will just need to understand how to take care of you and how to love you. And to keep you safe.

You are going to be a daughter of a daddy who will love you very much. He loves you very much already.



The photo in this post is a picture of my wife as a newborn. Who knows…Baby Whats-her-name might look like that!

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