P90X Week 6 Wrapup

Posted on Monday, Apr 11, 2011

I am now officially halfway complete with P90X (or perhaps I am a quarter complete, as my goal is to do two rounds in a row). This past week was not my best effort. I had some issues with illness which slowed me down, but besides that, I didn’t put forth as much work as I should have, and I definitely slacked off on the diet. This was made VERY noticeable in this week’s measurements.

The good news is, while I’m fairly depressed about my results this week, it’s given me some additional fire to hit it really hard in Week 7. I don’t want to have another weekly measuring session when the measurements get WORSE.

Results so far

As I mentioned above, had a pretty cruddy. “tale of the tape” this week:


Date 3/13/2011 3/20/2011 3/27/201 4/3/2011 4/10/2011
Neck 16 16 16 16 16
Shoulder 18 21.5 18 18.5 18
Chest 43 41 42 41.5 42.5
Waist 42.5 41.5 40.5 41 41.5
Abdomen 45 44 43 42 44.5
Hips 44.5 43.5 44 43 43.5
Thigh 24 24 26 24 23
Knee 16 14.5 14.5 14.5 15.5
Calf 16.35 15.5 15.5 15.25 15.5
Ankle 9 9 9 9 9.25
Bicep 14.5 13.75 14 14.25 14.5
Forearm 10.5 11 11 11.5 11.75
Wrist 6.75 7 6.5 7 7.5
Waist-Hip Ratio 0.95505618 0.94827586 0.92045455 0.95348837 0.95402299

The biggest offender was the increase in “abdomen” (aka “belly”). That just disgusted me when I saw that number, and I even had Carrie do it twice just to be sure. Granted, we did these measurements in the evening, and they’re usually done mid-morning, but still – clearly the results of a sub-par level of effort this week. Weight-wise, I am now showing a 3 pound increase since starting the program.

P90X Stats

My schedule was way off this week. My whole family (myself included) contracted the stomach flu this week, so I did NOT work out on Tuesday at all. I also skipped Ab Ripper X on Wednesday – even though I was feeling a lot better, it seemed that doing an ab workout the day after recovering from the flu wasn’t the best idea.

Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

Pushed harder in CST in Week 6 than the previous week. It’s a fun workout, but definitely some rough pushups. The one-handed pushups are pretty hard, and the clap pushups are killer – they are actually really impactful on my wrists, which might have lead the wrist soreness in my right hand that I experienced later in the week.


Ab Ripper X was my best yet, with 256 reps (an increase of 15 total).


No Plyo this week, as I was busy being sick. I kind of missed it! I meant to make it up on Sunday (the theory was to do Yoga on Saturday), but that didn’t happen, since I didn’t do Yoga on Saturday (more on that later). Tomorrow will be PLYO DAY!

Back and Biceps

Still my favorite workout, except for all the pullups. Increased weight and/or reps in most of the exercises, and felt really good about it.


Ab Ripper X was skipped on this day, since my stomach wasn’t feeling 100% yet. The funny thing is, I could probably have done some of the workout, but since I knew I wasn’t going to do it, I started later than usual…so I didn’t have time. I know, excuses, excuses…

Kenpo X

Thursday was Kenpo day. No major changes this week for Kenpo – although the funny thing was that Carrie and the boys watched me do the last 25% of the workout (since I had a dentist appointment, I started later than usual, so they came downstairs while I was working out. During the cool-down, Henry reached over to the PS3 (which is where I play the videos from) and shut it off! I think he was trying to say “OK, Dad, enough workout…it’s time for Sesame Street!”

Legs and Back

More improvements in this workout this week. Although I did skip the Single Leg Wall Squats, since doing them last week is what caused me to put a big crack in our family room wall.


When it came time to do Ab Ripper X, I just didn’t have enough left in the tank to push through the workout. I only did the first four exercises, with a total of 94 reps. Weak!

Yoga X

My intent was to do Yoga X on Saturday morning, and then make up Plyo on Sunday. I don’t remember why I didn’t get up on Saturday morning to do my workout (I think I might have been too tired), so my next plan was to do Yoga on Sunday. Unfortunately, my alarm wasn’t set properly on Sunday, so when I did wake up, I didn’t have time for Yoga. I need to make Yoga a priority in Week 7. No excuses!

The week ahead

My goals for this week are to a) not miss a single workout, and b) pay more attention to my diet. I ate a LOT of crap this past week, and it showed in both my weight and my energy. I am going to focus on eating only “good” carbs and consuming the right amount of protein. Hopefully in next week’s post I’ll have a lot of good news to report!

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