P90X Week 5: Legs and Back

Posted on Friday, Apr 1, 2011

Workout Summary

It was Legs and Back day today. This is a workout that doesn’t change from phase to phase (although it is skipped in Recovery Week). It’s definitely the biggest burner of all the workouts, as I generally exceed 1,000 calories burned while doing it (when combined with Ab Ripper X).

No major milestones this week with the workout – I added five more reps on each side for Balance Lunges, one more rep in Sneaky Lunges, and was able to do a little more in the Chair Salutations.

I did continue to muscle through both types of wall squats, although this caused a bit of a problem. My wife just called me, and said “Did your workout this morning have something to do with pushing up against the wall? Because our family room wall now has a big crack and indentation from your back.”

This kind of sucks – clearly I won’t be doing this part of the workout against that wall anymore, but now we are going to have to get that part of the drywall replaced, and repaint the whole wall (it needed repainting anyway, at some point, but really not right now). This has been the first home casualty of my P90X workouts, but I can tell Carrie is none too amused by this.

Ab Ripper X was another improvement, however. I am now up to a total of 241 reps in this workout. I was even able to add one more rep to my nemesis, Fifer Scissors. Whoohoo!



Workout time: 1 hour, 16 minutes

Time in Zone: 44 minutes (58%)

Calories Burned: 1,065

Average HR: 134

DailyMile link: http://www.dailymile.com/people/MattS/entries/6239048

Inspired by Tori, I have decided to do daily blog posts about my P90X workouts. Since I know not everyone is fascinated by this, these posts will likely not be syndicated to my Facebook, but they will still be available via RSS. I have also created a specific RSS feed for just my P90X posts, for those of you who are only interested in that (it will include my weekly wrap-up posts as well). This feed can be subscribed to by clicking here. I might even start taking some photos DURING the exercises, just for fun.

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