P90X Week 5: Back and Biceps

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 30, 2011

Workout Summary

Today’s workout was Back and Biceps, along with my old friend, Ab Ripper X. I have never done the Back and Biceps routine before, but I was both excited about it and dreading it…bicep workouts are fun, but pull-ups are frightening.

Speaking of biceps, there are a lot of curls in this workout (obviously). I was able to hang pretty well throughout, but since it was the first time through, I wasn’t sure about pacing, so I have a lot of notes like “use more weight next time” for many of the exercises. The final exercise is a strip set of curls – four sets of 8 reps, each with a lighter weight. I started with 25’s, and then went down in five pound increments. By the time I got to the tens, I could barely lift my arms. Good workout!

Pull-up wise, I’m definitely still using the chair, and on a couple of the more advanced pull-ups (corncobs, for example), I just did regular ones, since any pull-ups that mess with the weight distribution just scare me on my doorway pull-up bar.

Ab Ripper X continues to be tough, but I keep improving. I did 227 reps this morning, which is 11 more than Monday. Considering that on March 7 I only did 92 reps, that’s quite an improvement! Fifer Scissors continue to be my nemesis (I max out at ten of those), but I can tell that I’m getting closer to pushing them harder.


Workout time: 1 hour, 9 minutes

Time in Zone: 40 minutes (58%)

Calories Burned: 772

Average HR: 122

DailyMile link:http://www.dailymile.com/people/MattS/entries/6199449

Inspired by Tori, I have decided to do daily blog posts about my P90X workouts. Since I know not everyone is fascinated by this, these posts will likely not be syndicated to my Facebook, but they will still be available via RSS. I have also created a specific RSS feed for just my P90X posts, for those of you who are only interested in that (it will include my weekly wrap-up posts as well). This feed can be subscribed to by clicking here. I might even start taking some photos DURING the exercises, just for fun.

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