Biking Updates

Posted on Saturday, Oct 7, 2006

George’s Bikes
Originally uploaded by Matt Stratton.

Actually, it’s not just biking updates, but mostly that’s what I’m talking about now.

Anyway, last weekend I went to NYC for the Yehoodi 8th Anniversary party thing. Among other things, I went on the longest bike ride I’ve ever been on – 30 miles around the island of Manhattan. This picture was taken a little less than halfway – at the site of the old Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. I was riding on the folder bike on the right.

We had lots of other fun too, including an improv workshop, and some fun photographs on a couch in DUMBO. All of my photos from the weekend can be seen here.

Inspired by last Saturday’s ride, I headed out this morning back in Chicago, and rode the whole way down the lake path from Montrose to 70th Street. And back. Door to door it was 36 miles. It was tough (I only stopped a couple of times, and then only for as long as it took to drink some water or eat a Balance bar), but I am proud of myself.

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