The Unicorns Know About Facebook Now Too

Posted on Friday, Feb 5, 2010

Since Christina has been complaining about a lack of unicorn content on this blog, it seemed only appropriate to share this little tidbit with all of you. For those who are not on Facebook, there’s a meme making the rounds that requires the user to look up their first name on and then then post the first result or something. It’s pretty dumb, in my opinion, but my good pall EmmySue posted this on my Wall, which pretty much made my week:

I also really enjoyed my friend Amy’s response to this meme in general:

Why bother with Urban Dictionary? Just own it. Post some ridiculous braggy thing and be honest about it, rather than a ridiculous status like: “Oh, it says Amy is defined as a ‘hilarious, charismatic, intelligent, goodlooking and modest woman of the perfect age, weight and height — oh and she’s superfantastic in the sack’! OMG, how crazy and funny! I’m so surprised! :-/ “

In a nutshell, the lesson we can learn here is that any silly internet/Facebook meme can be made 300x more awesome by the inclusion of unicorns. And the use of the phrase “…in the sack”.

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