Fussy Follow Friday – @jenniferalaine

Posted on Friday, Feb 19, 2010

This week’s Fussy Follow Friday recommendation is the always amusing and exuberant @jenniferalaine. In addition to being a prolific and hilarious blogger, Jenn will add value to your Twitter experience by constantly reminding you that Twitter can be FUN.

Yes, I said fun. Forget about “brand building” and “joining the conversation” with all your social media strategies. Sometimes it’s okay to just flat-out enjoy yourself. And tweets from Jenn will definitely make that happen. Besides a proliferation of “that’s what she said” references, Jenn’s tweets range from snarky observations about social interactions to a professed love of pancakes (especially from Egg Harbor Cafe). She is interactive and definitely doesn’t see Twitter as a “one way” communication. Which, for me, is pretty awesome.

So unless you only use Twitter to “enhance your brand’s social media presence”, you should follow @jenniferalaine immediately. I promise you will come away feeling satisfied with a big smile on your face (twss).

_Fussy Follow Friday is based upon the concept that instead of a glut of Twitter follow recommendations, I will make one, and ONLY ONE, follow recommendation per Friday. For more information, the Library of Congress recommends this blog post._

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