Follow Friday – Debut Edition

Posted on Friday, Apr 24, 2009

I’m trying something different for this Follow Friday – instead of just tweeting a list of cool people that I think you should add to your follow list on Twitter, I’m doing a blog post to tell you a little more about the people I think you should follow. It’s entirely possible that some of these are repeats of previous #followfriday tweets from me, but since this is a new and expanded format, I don’t think anyone will mind.

pamela_d@Pamela_D – A fascinating person in general, I also find her tweets to be insightful and generally amusing. I’ve known Pam on and offline for many years, and she’s always impressed me with her broad range of interests and her passion – whether it be for animal rights, dancing, self-improvement, or just being a great friend. If you follow Pammy, you’ll not be disappointed with the insight and wit that she will add to your Twitter experience.

radiojen@radiojen– Unlike Pam, I have never met radiojen in person. However, she still is one of my favorite twitter folks (I refuse to use the term “tweep” on general principles). Despite her affection for Carrot Top, I still think radiojen has a good sense of humor. She consistently amuses me with her tweets, and her attitude is extremely positive, with just a slight edge – just the way that I think it should be!

mandapance@mandapance– Another Twitterer who is a good friend offline. Amanda and I share a fascination bordering on obsession with all things Seinfeldian.  Perhaps her most amusing tweets come in the form of her cat, @FangsMcGee. But that’s a topic for a different Follow Friday. Amanda provides insight into the world of high-class shoe design, as well as all things yogatastic. She doesn’t always tweet about them, but she sometimes does. Sometimes she just tweets about being awesome.

ourmaninchicago@ourmaninchicago – If you’re interested into insight into cool social media in Chicago, you can’t miss by following Scott. Formerly of Chicagoist and Time Out Chicago, Scott now works on His tweets are often snarky, and almost always pop culture-ridden. The only thing I’m waiting for is a back-and-forth @ conversation between him and Richard Marx. Which could then turn into a sketch comedy show. (Note: this comment is based upon something that Really Happened)

hamsterkitten@hamsterkitten– Sometimes I like to include a new person in my #followfriday. I only recently started following hamsterkitten, but so far she has not let me down in the hilarity department. A saucy, funny, and no-holds-bar tweeter, hamsterkitten not only rocks some awesome ink (allegedly), but she’s also a very engaging tweeter who isn’t shy with the @ reply. A+

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