Fussy Follow Friday – @curiousillusion

Posted on Friday, Jul 10, 2009

_For those of you not familiar…Fussy Follow Friday is based upon the concept that instead of a glut of Twitter follow recommendations, I will make one, and ONLY ONE, follow recommendation per Friday. For more information, the Library of Congress recommends this blog post._

This week, we’re going to rock out on Fussy Follow Friday with the co-founder of #3F@curiousillusion!

A fellow Flickr addict, photog, and blogger, Ari is one of my favorite people in the Twitterverse. Her tweets are personal but engaging. Despite the fact that we differ on the meaning of the term “rawr” (she interprets it as a growl of anger, while I see it as a sexy, cat-sound of appreciation), we still manage to be friends.

Ari is the one who inspired me to fire up Project 365 (okay, well, so did Jason, but he’s not on Twitter so he doesn’t count for this post). Her own P-365 is amazing – she performs some truly incredible photography with limited gear. We’re all waiting impatiently for the day that she finally gets her dSLR and blows all of us out of the water.

So why should you follow @curiousillusion? One simple reason – she’s quite frankly, one of the more awesome people on Twitter. She will make your Twitter experience amusing, personal, and make you smile. Except when she uses the word “rawr” incorrectly. But maybe that’s just me. Also, she’s really trying to get to 500 followers today…good, quality followers, that is. And if you read my blog, you’ve GOT to be quality. Follow @curiousillusion – and tell her @mattstratton sent ya!

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