It all started with a Big Bang

Posted on Monday, May 18, 2009

Christina: they just fixed Hubble which they say should let us see back 13 billion years (approx)

Christina: with speed of light and all that jazz – if there was life on another planet in another galaxy – wouldn’t we find out about them after it was too late

Christina: Like they could build a teleporting ship to come kill us, and we wouldn’t know because we’d be dead cause we didnt’t see it coming?

Matt: they probably already did

Matt: and we just didn’t notice yet

Christina: because it just hasn’t happened in linear time yet?

Matt: or because we are paying too much attention to Grey’s Anatomy

Christina: stupid humans

Christina: “Why didn’t you scientists see the aliens coming?”

Christina: “Well, we noticed bacterial life on another planet, but that was 12 billion years ago based on speed of light…and we were too busy reading Twilight to bond with our tween daughters to give it more thought”

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