Fussy Follow Friday – @mominreallife

Posted on Friday, Jul 17, 2009

_For those of you not familiar…Fussy Follow Friday is based upon the concept that instead of a glut of Twitter follow recommendations, I will make one, and ONLY ONE, follow recommendation per Friday. For more information, the Library of Congress recommends this blog post._

mominreallifeIt’s Friday…so you know what that means…it’s Fussy Follow Friday time! Today we bring our focus to someone who mixes hilarity and social consciousness in their tweets…@mominreallife.

You meet a lot of people in the wacky world of the twitterverse…and sometimes, you actually even get to meet them in real life…or as the twitterati call it, “3D”. I had the pleasure of making a meatspace connection with @mominreallife, well, in real life, a little while ago at a tweetup that was scheduled around her birthday. Of course, I met other bloggers and twitter folks that night too, but in the spirit of Fussy Follow Friday, I can’t discuss them. Rules are rules, people.

@mominreallife is not afraid to share her many opinions via her tweets, as well as on her blog. To call her an “engaging” twitterer would be akin to referring to Chicago as a “town” – it goes well beyond that. Of course, one of the most important things to know about @mominreallife is that she, alledgedly, has mad Mario Kart skills – there’s an entire Facebook group dedicated to people who are nursing their wounds from a @mominreallife Kart beat-down.

Why should you follow @mominreallife? Because she’s a refreshing voice in the twitterverse, she’ll make you laugh, and you might even learn something. I’m not sure WHAT you’ll learn, but that’s part of the fun.

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