Fussy Follow Friday – @KellyG5

Posted on Friday, Jul 24, 2009

KellyG5_newIt’s Friday, which means it’s time for Fussy Follow Friday again! My Twitter follow recommendation for this week is one of my all-time favorites…@KellyG5.

If you like your Twitter full of inspiration and hilarity, then you need to follow @KellyG5 immediately. Seriously. Do it RIGHT NOW. You can come back and read the rest of this post later. I’ll wait for you. I promise.

Did you follow her yet? Good! Now, here’s what you can expect from @KellyG5 being featured in your twitterstream:

  1. Possible issues with your co-workers being annoyed by you literally laughing aloud at her YouTube videos
  2. 100% of your daily RCC (Recommended Canadian Content)
  3. Amazing engagement and a permanent smile on your face every time you read one of her tweets
  4. Future fame and fortune (okay, just fame) by possibly being included in one of her LIFT videos.
  5. The hair. Oh god, the hair.

Those five reasons should be more than enough for you to take the time to add @KellyG5 to your follow list on Twitter. But if that’s not enough, how about this? She’s one of the nicest and most genuine people I follow – and she somehow manages to do that without having to cut back on the snark. That’s skillz, people. Mad Twitter skillz. Recognize.

_Fussy Follow Friday is based upon the concept that instead of a glut of Twitter follow recommendations, I will make one, and ONLY ONE, follow recommendation per Friday. For more information, the Library of Congress recommends this blog post._

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